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There’s always a lot happening at FGBC and in the world of green building. Here, we’ve assembled information that will keep you abreast of recent developments in our organization and throughout our industry. We hope you find the news links interesting and helpful, and the event calendar a timely resource to help keep you plugged into other opportunities where you can continue to enhance your knowledge on the subjects of green building and sustainability.

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Energy News

Environment Benefits of Solar Panels
[Nov 18, 2022] These devices can decrease emissions, improve air quality and limit global warming.

The Benefits of Renewables for Energy
[Nov 4, 2022] Renewables come with an array of benefits, but why might they be the better option for energy? Read on to find out.

Environmental Protection News

How to Celebrate Plastic Free July at Your Business
[Jul 15, 2020] Plastic Free July can be an effective way to start your sustainable journey. Follow these four steps.

5 Million Gallons of Wastewater Overflow into Maryland Creek
[Aug 12, 2019] 5.22 million gallons of sewer water overflows into Maryland's Broad Creek.

Massachusetts Real Estate Developer Will Pay $48,000 for Alleged Clean Water Act Violations
[Aug 6, 2019] EPA alleged that Farfard Real Estate and Development Corporation did not follow its Clean Water Act permit in Ledgemere Country Residential Development, Maplebrooke Commons Condominiums and Lakeview Estates.

Top Technology

Protons fix a long-standing issue in silicon carbide electronics
[Nov 29, 2022] Silicon carbide (SiC) is a promising semiconductor material for power electronic devices, but it suffers from bipolar degradation, which severely limits its lifespan. To address this long-standing issue in a cost-effective manner, researchers have developed a proton implantation-based suppression method that can prevent the expansion of stacking faults, which lie at the root of bipolar degradation. This development could pave the way for reliable, economical, and power efficient SiC semiconductor devices.

High-performance and compact vibration energy harvester created for self-charging wearable devices
[Nov 29, 2022] A research team has developed a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) piezoelectric vibration energy harvester, which is only about 2 cm in diameter with a U-shaped metal vibration amplification component. The device allows for an increase of approximately 90 times in the power generation performance from impulsive vibration. Since the power generation performance can be improved without increasing the device size, the technology is expected to generate power to drive small wearable devices from non-steady vibrations, such as walking motion.

Sinonasal cancer: AI facilitates breakthrough in diagnostics
[Nov 29, 2022] Researchers have developed a method for classifying difficult-to-diagnose nasal cavity tumors.

Top Environment

Strongest Arctic cyclone on record led to surprising loss of sea ice
[Nov 29, 2022] The strongest Arctic cyclone ever observed struck in January 2022. A new analysis shows that while forecasts accurately predicted the massive storm, models seriously underestimated its effect on sea ice. Results suggest where forecast models for a changing Arctic Ocean could improve.

Key factors identified for regeneration of brain tissue
[Nov 29, 2022] Researchers demonstrate in a zebrafish model that two proteins prevent scar formation in the brain, thereby improving the ability of tissue to regenerate.

A combination of behavior change campaigns and technology could help to keep air pollution at a minimum in schools
[Nov 29, 2022] Creating campaigns that tap the diverse community around many of the UK's schools could help to keep air pollution low, especially as much of the country experiences the cost-of-living crisis, according to a new study.