The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) created five “Florida Green” Standards. These standards were founded by industry professionals to promote sustainability in the built environment. Florida Green Standards are designed specifically for Florida. The standards represent a scientific approach to address Florida’s unique climate and resiliency needs.

Florida Green Standards are flexible working on a point system. The project earns points for implementation of sustainable features. A minimum point total is required for certification. Projects that exceed this total are rewarded with higher certification levels. There are four certification levels including bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Each certification is independently verified by a third-party. Field inspections and verifications ensure that the project meets the requirements of certification.

Home Certification Standard – A certification program for single-family and multi-family residences in Florida. The most popular and successful home certification program within the state.

Hi-Rise Residential Standard – A certification program for buildings above four stories. The program ensures buildings are more efficient, resilient and healthier for residents.

Commercial Building Standard – A certification program for non-residential commercial projects. The program helps owners integrate proven cost-effective strategies during design and construction.

Land Development Standard – A certification program for residential development. The program is designed to promote low-impact development and smart growth strategies.

Local Government Standard – A certification program for local governments. The program recognizes cities and counties that are contributing to creating a more sustainable Florida.

As a not-for-profit organization, FGBC publishes all resource documents to our website. The goal is to educate the public on the components and benefits of green building. Each of our five standards has unique standards & policies, reference guidelines, and standard checklist. Please click on the specific standard to view the resources available.


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