FGBC Meetings


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The opportunity to participate in Florida Green Building Coalition Committees is a valuable membership benefit. Engaging with committees is an exciting, fun, and rewarding way to volunteer expertise, time, and resources towards creating a more sustainable Florida.

FGBC members provide the inspiration and energy to develop activities and initiatives that shape the future of green building in our state. From the vital task of creating, revising, and managing green certification standards to guiding outreach and education programs.

To achieve broader impact throughout Florida, committees help steer strategic direction and signature programs. Committee membership is also a gateway to serving on the Board of Directors.


Certification Standards: Responsible for the oversight of the Green Standards development process, compliance with the Standards policies, and the annual review of modifications to the Standards to remain competitive, technically accurate and incorporate best management practices. The Certification Standards Committee oversees five working committees:

• Green Homes
• Green Commercial Buildings
• Green Developments
• Green Local Government (cities and counties)
• Green High Rise Residential

Education: Responsible for developing educational materials and programs that can be promoted to members, industry, and the public

Program & Promotion: Responsible for membership development, communication strategies, website maintenance and the marketing of the organization’s programs

Realty, Appraisers, Builders Outreach: Responsible for developing programs to increase awareness of the importance of Builders, Realtors and Appraisers in understanding the added value of high- performance systems for residential and commercial projects during the marketing, sales, and appraisal stages of a transaction.

Legislative: Responsible for monitoring, communicating and advocating on legislative issues of interest to FGBC.


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