Florida Green Professional

Florida Green Certified Professionals are individuals who have completed the Florida Green Professional Course.  A Florida Green Professional designation signifies that the individual is an expert on the FGBC certification program.  Florida Green Professionals can also achieve a specialty related to the FGBC standards.  A specialty allows a Florida Green Professional to submit projects for certification.  All Homes submitted for certification must still be submitted by an active Certifying Agent.


Certifying Agents that are active will receive the Florida Green Certified Professional Designation. They will not need to take the course or pay any additional fees beyond certifying agent fees. All homes submitted for certification within the FGBC program must be submitted by a Certifying Agent. Certifying Agents will be required to take the 2-day course with the Florida Solar Energy Center in order to obtain the Certifying Agent Designation. Designated Green Professionals that hold the current FGBC designation will be able to receive the updated specialty designation by passing the specialty course and exam. They will not be required to pay the specialty course fee. The Designated Green Professional Designation will no longer be offered and anyone that wishes to certify projects must adhere to the new policy. Current Designated Green Professionals will still be able to submit projects without upgrading to the new specialty. However, there will be a grace period when all Designated Green Professionals must complete and pass the Florida Green Certified Professional course and upgrade to the Specialty they wish to submit projects for certification within. Anyone wishing to submit projects for certification within the FGBC program must obtain either the Florida Green Certified Professional Designation or The FGBC Certifying Agent Designation. For non-residential projects, the professional must obtain the Florida Green Certified Professional designation and also have a received the Specialist Designation related to the projects being submitted


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