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How to Become an FGBC Certifying Agent

Certifying Agent Roles & Responsibilities

Certifying Agent Annual Renewal Requirements

FGBC Certifying Agent Requirements

All four requirements must be successfully completed in order to become an FGBC Certifying Agent.


One year experience in the home building industry: Verification of experience will require written references to such activity in at least one of the below listed professions:


14 hours of Green Home Construction Continuing Education completed in the last two years.


Successful completion of two-day Florida Green Home Certification Training and exam Register for the Course Today!!


Complete the FGBC Certifying Agent Registration Form and submit to FGBC with your payment and supporting documentation.

All FGBC Certifying Agents are required to be members of FGBC.

FGBC Certifying Agents receive a certificate and identification card verifying their credentials.

What does the privilege of becoming a Certifying Agent allow?

As an accredited certifying agent you now have the ability to evaluate a home with respect to the criteria contained in the Florida Green Home Designation Standard.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Certifying Agent

The following constitutes a complete application:

Certifying Agent Annual Renewal Instructions

FGBC requires that all Certifying Agents complete the Activity Verification Form annually and submit it with their Certifying Agent renewal fee, beginning January 1, 2010.  The FGBC has established a minimum score of 7 points required to remain on the ACTIVE list.  The score is attained based on the number of homes certified per year, attending FGBC and other green building events and attending green building education courses.

Your Certifying Agent status will become inactive if the minimum requirements are not met every year. Failure to renew and meet the Activity Verification Form requirements within 12 months of your renewal date will result in revocation of your Certifying Agent credentials.


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