Manatee County Recertified by Florida Green Building Coalition as ‘Platinum Green’ Local Government

Manatee County Recertified by Florida Green Building Coalition as ‘Platinum Green’ Local Government

BRADENTON– The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), the state’s leading certifier green local governments, has recertified Manatee County “Florida Green” in a presentation Tuesday at a Board of County Commissioners’ meeting.

Manatee County achieved 73 percent of 414 applicable points, earning them Platinum-level designation. In 2017, Manatee County became the state’s first Platinum Certified County earning the highest score ever achieved. Manatee County was first certified “Florida Green” in 2011

“The Green Local Government program is unique within the country as well as our state. It creates an environment of communication and coordination amongst different departments. This collaboration streamlines processes, decreases redundancies, and generates innovative approaches toward sustainability and resource preservation,” said FGBC President Ralph Locke.

The designation demonstrates exemplary leadership by the Manatee County Board of Commissions.

“I also wanted to recognize County Administrator Dr. Scott Hopes, and all the staff that worked on this tremendous accomplishment including Buildings and Facilities Technology Coordinator Hjalmar Pachas,” added Locke.

The green certification program scored Manatee County in terms of categories. Highlights from include:

  • Utilize renewable energy on energy efficient municipal buildings.
  • Construct and renovate green buildings.
  • Apply Florida Friendly landscaping principles at public amenities.
  • Public beaches adhere to Blue Wave Campaign criteria.
  • Maintain a green fleet.

Over two decades ago, FGBC brought together industry professionals from the construction, government, academic and research communities to create green standards tailored specifically to Florida. Beyond third party certifications, FGBC is also a resource for the local governments when considering going green.

“The FGBC Green Local Government program’s success emanates from the fact that there is a sizeable and compelling return on investment for any local government thus reducing the cost to taxpayers.,” said FGBC Executive Director C.J. Davila. “We recognize Manatee County for all their efforts to create a sustainable, resilient, and environmentally responsible community.”

“Florida Green” standards take a scientific approach and developed with state-specific criteria. They address Florida’s hot-humid environment, climate, distinctive topography, unique geology, resiliency, and natural disasters.

FGBC just passed 29,000 “Florida Green” certifications of single-family homes, commercial buildings, high-rises, land developments and local governments.

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