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Jeremy Martin

Life Soils LLC
5402 NW 143rd Street
Gainesville, FL 32606
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Phone: 863-430-9165
Website: www.takecomand.com

Life Soils manufactures and supplies compost, landscape soils, potting mixes and mulches. The core component of our products, COMANDĀ®, is produced through the utilization of precise inoculation, the MSAPĀ® composting methodology, and enhanced curing and reinoculation techniques, developed by our sister company Harvest Quest.

COMAND is truly a one-of-a-kind, bio-engineered, yet completely natural product.

With its stabilized organic matter, COMAND is a key component in building healthy productive soils. COMAND also provides vitally important microbiology to the soil, resulting in a more balanced and functioning soil ecosystem.

Living in a highly sensitive environment, with intensifying population pressures on water resources, more regulation on pollution control and ever-increasing public awareness of the detrimental effects of improper chemical use, we strive to provide eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives in agricultural production and the establishment and maintenance of beautiful landscapes.

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