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North Port, City of

4970 City Hall Blvd
North Port, FL 34286
Local Government
Certification Date:
June 5, 2017
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Registration Date:
May 24, 2016
Submittal Date:
December 31, 2016
Project Contact:
Katrina Romano
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City of North Port
North Port City Hall
4970 City Hall Blvd
North Port, FL 34291


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Certification Review

Jennifer Languell

Green Achievements

  • Incorporates the mission statement into the local government's comprehensive plan
  • Monitors and tracks local government energy use
  • Monitors and tracks local government water use
  • Monitors and tracks local government solid waste generation/ recycling rates
  • Developed a local government solid/hazardous waste reduction plan
  • Developed an EPP program for the local government
  • Encourages EPP program implementation
  • Participates in Cities for Climate Protection Campaign
  • Became a member of FGBC
  • Employs green cleaning and maintenance procedures
  • Maintains an office, person, or group to coordinate current and future green activities
  • Adopted a green standard as official minimum criteria for new and renovated government buildings
  • Adopted green cleaning/maintenance practices available from DEP
  • Enacted green landscaping ordinance for local government buildings
  • Budgets for publicity / education related to the government’s commitment to green
  • Certified Florida friendly landscapes within the city
  • Offers free or discounted green products to the public
  • Offers green building or green local government education to the community
  • Provides green building or green local government education materials
  • Maintains an active FY&N program or other homeowner/builder/developer outreach program
  • Offers promotion and education of water conservation within the agricultural sector
  • Adopted FGBC or LEED green standards as official green standards of the city
  • Requires mitigation for consumption of natural habitat or resources
  • Enacted and enforces a tree preservation or land-clearing ordinance
  • Regulates impervious parking surfaces
  • Enacted and enforces a Florida Friendly landscaping ordinance for new construction
  • Tracks amount of tourism that takes part in eco-related activities
  • Developed a historic preservation ordinance
  • Created an education campaign for mitigation
  • Provides reusable mug / water bottle to all employees
  • Recycles end-of-life electronic equipment
  • Enacted a local government policy so all computer/ancillary equipment is off when not in use
  • Enacted a policy so all computer electronic equipment purchased has conservation features
  • Developed environmental education content for city websites, tv programs, etc
  • Enacted open burning regulations
  • Enacted a manatee protection plan
  • Developed a boat facility siting plan for preservation of key habitat and protection of endangered species
  • Requires permitting and design review of fountains and water features to ensure that best management practices are used such as minimizing water evaporation and other losses, using stormwater, etc.
  • Lists pertinent local GIS and other data on city website
  • Air quality index is available on website
  • Results from water quality testing is available on website
  • Maintains organic community gardens
  • Installed appropriate bicycle security at all public amenities
  • Implemented recycling stations for plastic, glass, and aluminum containers at all areas
  • Implemented energy-efficient lighting & controls for outdoor recreational parks
  • Has placed signs and/or brochures at green features of public amenities for their benefits
  • Developed and maintains urban area boundaries
  • Encourages mixed-use zoning / development
  • Maintains or reduces net impervious surface area though zoning decisions
  • Makes amends for vehicles to accommodate bicycles
  • Engages in carpool / vanpool assistance
  • Provides public transportation route searching via the internet
  • Provides information about alternative commuting on website
  • Uses LED traffic lights
  • Became a Tree City USA
  • Trains and certifies select staff as certified arborists
  • Has a community stormwater education campaign
  • Involves students in green projects within the school
  • Involves students in green projects outside the school
  • Became a partner in the EPA waste wise program
  • Developed a disaster waste management plan
  • Offers recycling collection services and an education program to businesses
  • Mandatory recycling of typical recyclables and C&D debris for homes and businesses
  • Offers waste assessments to businesses
  • Offers mulched yard waste to community
  • Requires recycling at all local government buildings
  • Teaches EPP / recycling to local businesses
  • Developed an education program for solid waste management
  • Offers educational materials to increase recycling program participation
  • Conducts a customer waste survey
  • Pursued FLDEP plant operations excellence award
  • Created a reclaimed water infrastructure
  • Reduced sanitary sewer wet and dry weather overflows into surface waters as measured by EPA acceptable limits
  • Conducted energy audit of treatment facilities
  • Restructured residential and commercial water rates to promote conservation through the use of innovative programs such as inverted block rates
  • Offers low flow fixture rebates
  • Enforces watering restrictions during meter reads
  • Adopted policies to encourage alternative onsite wastewater and water reuse technologies
  • Adopted Appendix C of the Building Code related to gray water
  • Utilizes informative billing
  • Distributes printed material or created internet content detailing water wastewater source
  • Maintains an on-call water quality program
  • Customers are able to track and analyze their water usage via the internet

Green Team Contacts

Company Contact

Michelle Tipp, Customer Accounts Specialist
City of North Port
4970 City Hall Blvd, North Port, FL 34286
Phone: 941-7168


Katrina Romano
City of North Port
4970 City Hall Boulevard, North Port, FL 34286
Phone: 941-429-7188