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Sarasota County

1660 Ringling Blvd
Sarasota, FL 34236
Local Government
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February 17, 2015
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February 20, 2014
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June 24, 2014
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Lee Hayes Byron
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Sarasota County
1660 Ringling Blvd
Sarasota, FL 34236
941-231-2820 ext. 1


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Jennifer Languell

Project Description

The County has adopted the green cleaning and maintenance practices recommended by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and have adopted the FGBC and LEED green building standards as the official minimum criteria for future government buildings. They have also encouraged green building in the commercial and residential sector by offering incentives for buildings and developments that meet the FGBC, LEED and EnergyStar standards. Preservation has also been a top priority in the county, and they share, maintain and promote that beauty through eco-tourism. There website provides volumes of sustainability education, and their interactive Green Map constantly promotes green projects within the county and is a fun, easy way to find locally available green activities, organizations and facilities.

Green Achievements

  • Incorporates the mission statement into the local government's comprehensive plan.
  • Developed a local government energy reduction plan.
  • Monitors and tracks local government energy use.
  • Monitors and tracks local government water use.
  • Developed a local government water reduction plan.
  • Monitors and tracks local government solid waste generation/ recycling rates.
  • Developed an EPP program for the local government.
  • Encourages EPP program implementation.
  • Participates in Cities for Climate Protection Campaign.
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle purchase.
  • Became a member of FGBC.
  • Became a member of USGBC.
  • Constructs LEED or FGBC certified buildings or renovates for LEED EB or CI.
  • Employs green cleaning and maintenance procedures.
  • Maintains an office, person, or group to coordinate current and future green activities.
  • Adopted green cleaning/maintenance practices available from DEP.
  • Enacts green landscaping ordinance for local government buildings.
  • Utilizes renewable energy on energy efficient local government buildings.
  • Budgets for publicity / education related to the government’s commitment to green.
  • Organizes green building education for local government staff.
  • Certified Florida friendly landscapes within the county.
  • Offers free or discounted green products to the public.
  • Offers incentives to create organic farms, or sustainable /water efficient agriculture.
  • Offers green building or green local government education to the community.
  • Provides green building or green local government education materials.
  • Maintains an active FY&N program or other homeowner/builder/developer outreach program.
  • Maintains an active student/teacher education program.
  • Offers promotion and education of water conservation within the agricultural sector.
  • Offers education on organic farming, permaculture and sustainable agriculture.
  • Adopted FGBC or LEED green standards as official green standards of the county.
  • Requires mitigation for consumption of natural habitat or resources.
  • Enacted and enforces a tree preservation or land-clearing ordinance.
  • Enacted a septic system replacement ordinance.
  • Enacted and enforces a Florida Friendly landscaping ordinance for new construction.
  • Offers classes to industry that detail any green incentives or regulations present.
  • Offers incentives for local professionals to attend green building classes offered by others.
  • Publicity and case studies for green building.
  • Teamed with tourism department of eco-tourism campaign.
  • Tracks amount of tourism that takes part in eco-related activities.
  • Achieved Florida Main Street Designation.
  • Incentives for location of green businesses within the county.
  • Offers special promotion for local eco-hotels.
  • Created or promotes a green business certification program.
  • Incentives for green redevelopment.
  • Developed a historic preservation ordinance.
  • Developed a funding mechanism to aid with historic preservation.
  • Uses AFV and/or bicycle patrol for urban/neighborhood areas.
  • Uses renewable energy as backup / emergency power.
  • Maintains green fleets.
  • Firing ranges utilize non-lead bullets or trap and collect fragments.
  • Fire departments review training operations and conserve water where appropriate.
  • Offers incentives for disaster mitigation.
  • Created an education campaign for mitigation.
  • Police are trained in crime prevention through environmental design.
  • Offers Commercial building incentives.
  • Offers residential building incentives.
  • Took part in a speakers bureau or sponsor workshop.
  • Alternative commuting incentives for local government employees.
  • New employee orientation includes general county commitment to environment.
  • Conducted or referred to special training on one or more green county programs.
  • Operates local government computer and equipment reuse center.
  • Recycling of end-of-life electronic equipment.
  • Enacted a policy so all computer electronic equipment purchased has conservation features.
  • Enacted policy so all computer electronic equipment purchased has conservation features.
  • Operates a website dedicated to green county program.
  • Developed environmental education content for county websites, tv programs, etc.
  • Conducts regular education on energy use/energy savings modes for in -house equipment.
  • Became an Audubon Sustainable Community.
  • Created an endangered lands conservation / purchasing program.
  • Developed & implements plans for species removal throughout public lands.
  • Became a member of FLERA.
  • Enacted open burning regulations.
  • Coastal areas enacted a sea turtle ordinance.
  • Enacted a manatee protection plan.
  • Developed a boat facility siting plan.
  • Lists pertinent local GIS and other data on county website.
  • Air quality index is available on website.
  • Results from water quality testing available on website.
  • Operates an environmental demonstration / learning center.
  • Maintains organic community gardens.
  • Applies Florida Friendly landscaping principles at public amenities & GI-BMP training.
  • Minimizes heat effect/stormwater runoff of trees, highly reflective materials, or surface.
  • Public beaches adhere to Blue Wave Campaign criteria.
  • Implemented recycling stations for plastic, glass, and aluminum containers at all areas.
  • Implemented energy efficient lighting & controls for outdoor courts, parks and playfields.
  • Has placed signs and/or brochures at green features of public amenities for their benefits.
  • Maintains a bicycle / pedestrian coordinator on staff.
  • Implemented FDOT "12 Steps Towards Walkable Communities" into planning process.
  • Developed and maintains urban area boundaries.
  • Organizes green building seminars and/or training sessions for staff and elected officials.
  • Takes part in the Florida Clean Marina program.
  • Implemented advanced stormwater controls and waterfront considerations.
  • Hosts boater education classes.
  • Offers tax incentives for certified green properties.
  • Offers tax incentives for lands qualifying as historic, high water recharge, greenbelt, etc.
  • Offers green education to local lending / real estate industry.
  • Utilizes alternative fuels for fleet.
  • Makes amends for vehicles to accommodate bicycles.
  • Implemented and enforces carpool or express bus lanes.
  • Analyzed transportation routes and improved connectivity to bicycle & pedestrian network.
  • Operates a green fleet.
  • Provides public transportation route searching via the internet.
  • Provides information about alternative commuting on website.
  • Developed a construction project waste management/recycling plan.
  • Operates a local government material/chemical reuse/redistribution center.
  • Maintains a green fleet program for department or entire local government.
  • Utilizes integrated pest management.
  • Operates local government alternative fueling station.
  • Uses LED traffic lights.
  • Utilizes solar or other energy efficient streetlights and/or crosswalk lights.
  • Employs green landscaping procedures for local government facilities
  • Became a Tree City USA.
  • Developed a reward program for employee environmental innovation in public works.
  • Offers green fleet management training to all applicable departments.
  • Trains and certifies select staff as certified arborists.
  • Has a community stormwater education campaign.
  • Monitors and tracks building energy usage in the school district.
  • Maintains a recycling program.
  • Has a school equipment reuse program / swap shop.
  • Green operation and maintenance of buildings.
  • Involves students in green projects within and outside the school.
  • Has a countywide chemical/hazardous waste collection.
  • Operates public reuse store / swap shop.
  • C&D separation for recycling at landfill (pallets, metals, carpet, padding, cement, etc.).
  • Offers recycled paint back to the community.
  • Landfill gas recovery.
  • Developed a disaster waste management plan.
  • Offers recycling collection services and an education program to businesses.
  • Offers recycling collection services and an education program to multi-family dwellings.
  • Monitors the types and amounts of material entering landfill.
  • Closed landfill management.
  • Mandatory recycling of typical recyclables and C&D debris for homes and businesses.
  • Mandatory recycling programs for large volumes of C&D debris.
  • Offers waste assessments to businesses.
  • Volume based or special rates for solid waste collection.
  • Offers mulched yard waste to community.
  • Requires recycling at all local government buildings.
  • Offers educational materials to increase recycling program participation.
  • Conducts a customer waste survey.
  • Seeked FLDEP plant operations excellence award.
  • Created a reclaimed water infrastructure.
  • Conducted energy audit of treatment facilities.
  • Utilizes rate structures based on consumption.
  • Offers low flow fixture rebates.
  • Enforces watering restrictions during meter reads.
  • Adopted policies to encourage alternative onsite wastewater and water reuse technologies.
  • Adopted Appendix C of the Building Code related to gray water.
  • Utilizes informative billing.
  • Distributes printed material or create internet content detailing water wastewater source.
  • Created an education campaign for water use reduction (Florida friendly landscaping, rainwater).
  • Maintains an on-call water quality program.
  • Offers home and business audits.
  • Enables customers to track and analyze their usage via the internet.

Green Team Contacts


Lee Hayes Byron, Sustainability Manager
Sarasota County
6700 Clark Road, Sustainability Dept, Sarasota, FL 34241
Phone: 941-323-5088