Florida Green Building Coalition Honored with Green Chamber Water Quality and Resource Awards

Florida Green Building Coalition Honored with Green Chamber Water Quality and Resource Awards

ST. PETERSBURG – The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), the state’s leading certifier of green residential and commercial construction, land developments and local governments, has been recognized with multiple 2021 Water Quality and Resource Awards by the North Florida Green Chamber of Commerce.

FGBC was honored in two categories, Stormwater Management Award and Wetland Protections.

“Stormwater management and wetland protection continue to be an integral focus when developing our green certification standards,” said FGBC president Bill Kachman. “Our goal is to exceed regulatory requirements in innovative ways that are effective and cost-efficient requiring a versatility that is applied to homes, commercial buildings, neighborhoods and local governments that want to truly be “Florida Green.”

In their second year, Green Chamber awards recognize examples of water quality improvement and conservation that best demonstrates significant, lasting, and measurable excellence in water quality improvement or in prevention of water quality degradation by Green Chamber members and other businesses in Florida in four categories.

“Congratulations to the Florida Green Building Coalition,” said Green Chamber Executive Director Christina Kelcourse, Esq, CFP, CRPC. “Our entries have a tremendous impact in providing access to safe drinking water and water quality. They have done remarkable work leveraging innovation and proficiency to preserve one of our most vital natural resources.”

The non-profit FGBC is by far the largest certifier of green residential and commercial construction, local governments, communities in the state with over 26,000 green certified projects since 2000. The Green Chamber is a regional networking organization for all sizes of businesses and community organizations including non-profits that emphasize green and sustainable business practices. The award was created in cooperation with St. Johns Riverkeepers, the Florida Green Building Coalition and the St. Johns River Water Management District.

“We are pleased to be singled out for our continuing emphasis on water quality and conservation in our green standards. The awards are a terrific way to showcase the diverse initiatives that organizations and companies are taking throughout our state to value water,” noted FGBC Executive Director C.J. Davila.

Over two decades ago FGBC brought together industry professionals from the construction, government, academic and research communities to create green building standards tailored specifically to Florida.

FGBC “Florida Green” standards take a scientific approach and were developed with state-specific criteria. They address Florida’s hot-humid environment, distinctive topography, unique geology, resiliency, and natural disasters.

Going Green? In Florida you have a choice. Contact the Florida Green Building Coalition at info@floridagreenbuilding.org, visit www.floridagreenbuilding.org or call (407) 777-4914.

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